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Eight Page Booklet Card - Full Color!

How can I help?
Can I find you a little cottage on a big piece of land
so you can have all the space you need to heal
or maybe I could get you a telescope
that could always find a patch of blue...
When skies seem dark and gray...
I could get you a little
red sweater with tiny yellow buttons
so you could feel warmer when
the world seems awfully cold.
Or I could find you a million clocks
so you could have all the time you need to grieve.
(All the time in the world, in fact...)
Maybe I could hire birds
to sing outside your window sill.
Or find a huge umbrella to shelter you from weeping
skies that cry in sympathy.
Whatever you need,
space or blue skies,
a warm sweater or time;
birds for singing or shelter for protecting;
whatever comfort I can give,
pleae know all you need to do is call...

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