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Friday through Sunday: April 19, 20 & 21, 2024

(Picture a sticky note from God on a partially open drawer.)
“And the Lord shall guide you continually.
Isaiah 58:11
I live in a house that was built in 1959. All the drawers in it are the kind of drawers you have to close with purpose, because there aren’t any rollers or glides to help them close on their own. And as such, often times when I walk past a room, I see I have left some drawers almost, but not fully, closed. Then they stand out from the closed ones and demand attention. Today I went back in a room and closed three drawers all the way. Then I paused,  and I asked God if there was a lesson here, because there always seems to be a spiritual lesson from even the most mundane source.
What I gleaned  after listening to Him is that it would be helpful to make sure I close all the “drawers” in my life that often clamor for undeserved attention. Drawers like my self-pity drawer, my worry and fret drawer, or my most often left open one, my can’t-let-it-go drawer. 
God does certainly guide us continually. And always in the right, and upward, direction. 
Have a splendid weekend,  and thanks for reading!
Chris at Lifesighs


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