(Sometimes small pieces of writing, like this one, seem to come from out of nowhere. I think they just waft down from heaven because writing it for me and reading it for you will make our hearts smile a little.)

I was writing a note this morning to a woman who had written to me on my website and I had answered her last week. Today it just seemed like a nice thing to follow up to see how she and her husband were getting along during a particularly difficult time of challenge in their lives.

I wrote:
"I have your names on a little slip of paper on my bathroom mirror and was thinking of you this morning just as I heard a mockingbird singing outside. Immediately a jackhammer down the street brgwbegan competing with the bird for attention.
It made me think about how much goodness can get drowned out if we let it.
Here's hoping the birds singing today silence the jackhammers in your world."

Turns out, that's what I'd like this edition of Just My Sighs to say to each one of you who so kindly read it:

Here's hoping the birds singing in your life drown out the jackhammers.

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