Thank you to all of you who have written about a 2013 Calendar. As I have said, it is sometimes very difficult to get a publisher to want to do what you want them to do, and that is the case with a new calendar any time soon. Believe me I am incredibly disappointed and have not given up!

In the meantime I do want you to know I have a new book out with Harvest House Publishers. Little Prayers to Bless Your Day. It is as sweet a book as I have ever done, and I think the art and the theme would make a nice gift for people who might otherwise be getting a calendar if there were such a thing!! It's a book I wrote that explores the idea of praying throughout the day, not just at bedtime or before meals. Kind of a saying grace between meals!

We will have the book available here on www.lifesighs in the month of October. There are some really nice reviews of the book on Amazon as well as on the Harvest House website. The book is available online at Harvest House and on Amazon currently and we will make it available here on our website soon.

Thank you again for visiting Lifesighs. I appreciate it more than you will ever know.

If you ever have any questions feel free to write me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me at 800-747-6026. I always enjoy chatting with people who call.

Wishing you blessings!

Chris SheaPful

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